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Using Social Media Accounts to Rewire Your Brain around Food and Your Body

I cannot even begin to tell you how essential and impactful it was for me to follow social media accounts that exposed me to a wide variety of bodies, ethnicities, sexualities and disabilities.

Through feeding my brain REAL information and people, I saw my inner beliefs, judgements and stigmas beginning to disappear. Rolls, cellulite, stretchmarks, body, hair and acne started to look "normal" instead of cringe worthy. And I began to experience genuine feelings of appreciating the beauty in each person I followed because of the light their shine on the world to help others feel more comfortable in their own skin.

I realized the reason we feel that we must look a certain way, is because everything we have been surrounded with (social media, ads, magazine, toys, clothing models, commercials, shows and movies, billboards, celebrities, musicians, etc) Haas depicted one certain body type and image. Think back to your childhood... what shows and heroes did you have and what did their body type look like? I don't know about you, but all of mine had nearly the exact same body: womanly curves, but tiny waste, long thick hair, perfectly symmetrical face, etc.

We see these characters/people achieving their dreams, falling in love, having a happy ending. But we never saw people with our own body type experiencing these things... leading our subconscious minds to feel we must change the way we look to achieve happiness. But this is NOT at all true.

I also cannot stress the importance of making the choices to unfollow any "fitness" or any other people's accounts that trigger a feeling of "not good enough" in you, that you compare yourself to and feel badly about yourself after looking at their content.

Here are some people I have followed that have changed my life:

Body Positive Instagram Accounts:





















Healthy relationship with food Instagram accounts





**If you are struggling with binge, purging, restrictive eating or diet cycling, please reach out to me or another Registered Dietitian and/or therapist that specializes in relationship to food for support. There is so much more to life and you deserve to experience it NOW.

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