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Brooke has taught me about intuitive eating which helped me understand how to listen and respond to my body‘s needs. Her sessions have made my food guilt and yo-yo dieting go by the wayside. I feel empowered to choose foods that make me feel great and enjoy foods I love.


My journey started when I needed to lose weight for my surgery. Thanks to Brooke she helped me reach my goal and the results I got are amazing! I feel so much better, mentally and physically and its all thanks to Brooke! 10/10 recommend!


Brooke is ahead of her time in her field of work. 

I feel like she is in the like 5% of Americans who actually are in tune with their body and truly eat intuitively 


Brooke was great during our first session & I am looking forward to working together! She listened to all my concerns, needs, and problem areas & asked great questions to get to the root of these issues. She also had a lot of great experiences to share & relate to. I was not sure what to expect at all but she made me feel very comfortable & we ended the session with tangible tools for me to start using right away. I am very much looking forward to our next meeting! 


Great initial consultation. I took away a lot of pertinent information that will help me over the next week or two and I feel motivated to achieve my goals with the help of this practitioner.


Brooke was very helpful and I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with nutrition.


Brooke, your service are amazing and actually I lost 5 Ibs during the last month following your recommendation
Healthy Food
Orange and Coconut


thank you so much, working with you has truly been a game changer :)


Brooke has been instrumental in helping me overcome my challenges with food. I’ve never had a healthy relationship with my diet, but as I get older I have grown to understand how important it is. Brooke does an amazing job at teaching, not just about the food I eat, but also how I feel about what I’m eating. It’s not really a perspective I’ve given much thought to before, but it has helped immensely to guide me in a more healthy path. 

I am very fortunate to be working with Brooke, and am happy to be continuing to learn from her. She is an awesome resource, and a trusted ally in this journey. 


Thank you for this morning! You are such a breath of fresh air and grounding in my chaotic mind. Thank you for walking alongside me thru my healing journey


Working with Brooke has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation for me. After struggling with diets that never seemed to work, I made a conscious decision to shift my focus towards nurturing my body and developing healthier eating habits. I tried it by myself for several years but I thought I was still following the diet mentality and was not able to develop a healthy relationship with food. 

Under Brooke's guidance, I started keeping a detailed food log, documenting not only what I ate but also my emotions and hunger levels before and after each meal. This simple practice has had a profound impact on my relationship with food. I have noticed a remarkable change in my eating patterns, as the episodes of eating compulsively have gone down significantly. Instead, I have developed a heightened awareness of my body's signals, allowing me to stop eating when I am satisfied, rather than mindlessly consuming until the food is gone.

Through this process, I have come to appreciate and respect my body in a way I never thought was possible. Brooke's compassionate support has helped me realize the incredible things my body does for me each day. I wholeheartedly recommend Brooke as an intuitive eating nutritionist for anyone seeking a healthier, more fulfilling approach to food and self-care.

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