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Eat Smarter, Not Harder
(Your Guide to Convenience Healthful Eating)

About that...

Over the last 3 years, I have found a decrease in motivation to take tons of time out of my busy life to meal plan, prep and cook.

Either I don't have the time OR I simple am too tired to give a crap...

If you can relate to this feeling, and struggle with healthy eating, then read on:

I realized with my intuitive eating and evidenced based knowledge as a Registered Dietitian of 11 years, that I have been navigating the last several years and continuing to remain healthful, without any changes in my weight (not that it matters), without spending loads of time thinking about what I am going to plan, buy, prep and cook, while most other people have not seemed to maintain their status quo during the pandemic.

From this realization was born my class "Eat Smarter, Not Harder"..

Because in my opinion, these days, "Ain't nobody got time for that" when it comes to spending loads of time on food. Sometimes it is wonderful to cook a meal from scratch... and ideal, don't get me wrong. But if you really struggle with that most weeks, like I seem to, then come along with me to learn a new way of looking at food to maintain a better health status than just opting for takeout or unrounded meals.... or eating tons of snacks because you didn't eat a meal.....

  • I have a free guide that will be emailed to you if you submit the form below.

  • Also, check to see if I am offering my zoom class that will provide you with more knowledge around macronutrients and we will create healthy meal ideas together based on commonly eaten foods in your own home.

Eat Smarter, Not Harder Free Guide

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