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Tired of diet and weight cycling?

Find the health, balance, and peace you deserve!

with Brooke, The Mindful RDN

What I Specialize In

Freedom from diet and weight cycling.

Learn how to balance starting from the inside

Make peace with food.

Learn how to eat food guilt-free and still reach your health goals

Mindful and Intuitive Eating (the key to freedom)

Heal body image issues

Find balance with nutrition-related disease conditions (i.e. diabetes, gut disorder, allergies, eating disorders and more)

*Ask me if this is available in your state


Blueberries and Strawberries Pancakes


Intuitive Eating Crash-Course Worksheet

Making Appointments


15 minute discovery 

phone call

Eating Hamburger

Eat Smarter, Not Harder Virtual/Zoom Class

Woman Shopping for Groceries

Eat Smarter, Not Harder In-Person Class

at Simply Yoga Studio

Vancouver, WA

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"Tired of Diet/Weight Cycling" Facebook Group

Plus Size Models

Beauty and health looks different on every single one of us


Let us figure out together how it looks on you

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